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Cantastic Garbage Can Cleaners


How does your curbside can smell?

We’ve personally been having our cans cleaned by Cantastic, and they’ve never smelled so good! It’s the kind of service we here at Utah Cribs love. Set it up, Cantastic drops by and cleans up for you. Its that simple!

Residential Pricing Frequency Cost per Wash
Main Can Every 4 weeks $9.95
Recycle Can (when main can paid up front) Every 4 weeks $4.95
Any Can Every 8 weeks $13.95
Any Can Every 16 weeks $19.95
Any Can One Time $25.00


Cantastic shows up on garbage day; they have a retrofitted trailer to clean, and they handle all of the grey water afterwards. No storm drain contamination, no city complaints, just clean garbage cans.


(801) 278-0555